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Santo Amaro is a Brazilian municipality in the state of Maranhão. It is limited to the North with the Atlantic Ocean; to the East with the municipality of Barreirinhas; to the west with the municipality of Primeira Cruz and to the south with the municipality of Barreirinhas.

IT'S  an important tourist hub, in the  Maranhenses Sheets . Its service structure is composed of inns, restaurants, pharmacies, reception agencies and service providers accredited (4x4 vehicles) with ICMBio and the Municipal Tourism Department to operate in the Park. It also has Post Office/Banco do Brasil, Bradesco and CAIXA Aqui. is bathed in the  Rio Alegre , and the Lake of Santo Amaro.

Access is via the BR 135, then the MA 402 and finally another 36 km of super quiet asphalt road to the parking lots in the Olho d'água district.  

Santo Amaro is one of the accesses and the closest to the  Lençóis Maranhenses National Park  (the other is the best known city of Barreirinhas) and is accessible by 4x2 vehicles until the end of the asphalt in the parking lots in the Olho d'Água neighborhood; a virgin and almost unexplored area. Despite the city's almost anonymity, most of the Lençóis territory is part of the municipality of Santo Amaro, which holds more than half of the territory, including the larger lakes.

The park is in fact divided between the municipalities of Santo Amaro,  little barriers  and  First Cross  although the latter has only a small part consisting mainly of mangroves. Access to Santo Amaro is 36 km from the BR 402. In addition to the lakes here, there are in fact numerous trails that for lovers of landscapes and nature will be unforgettable.  Among the sights of the place, the  Lagoa da Gaivota , movie setting  Sand House.